Meme Contest

Meme contest:
If you’re feeling creative, comfy with computers and interested in speaking up for Public Education or unions then make a meme and send your entry to Gioia ( ). Multiple entries are welcome! Work on your own, in pairs or with a group. Depending on number and creativity of entries, runner-up prizes will include $50.00 gift certificates to The Boat House, with the grand prize being a $100.00 gift certificate (if you work with a partner or groups, the prize is shared).
Entries will be shared weekly via the STA Website, Surrey Teachers’ Face Book page, STA twitter accounts and in subsequent Monday Memos. The contest runs until winter break. The STA table officers will use the criteria below to select winners. Winners will be announced in the New Year. Good luck!

Content: Memes must be about promoting teaching/public education, promoting unions/collective bargaining, criticising Ed. Policy/government interference in collective bargaining
Audience appropriate: Memes are often humorous. Cheeky is great but let’s remember that we are professionals and memes are shared in the public domain. DO criticise the ministry/government! DON’T criticise the Surrey School District!
Originality: An engaging and creative take on the content listed above. Pictures may be pulled from the internet but picture/caption combos must be original.

How to make a meme?
1. Find a picture that gets your attention either a stock photo from a meme-generating application (see below for websites), from the net or one that you took yourself.
2. If it’s not a stock photo, you will need to upload it into the application.
3. Add your text to the top and bottom of the image.
4. Save the image to your computer (Either by clicking and dragging it to your desktop or by right-clicking and selecting ‘save as’.
5. Send your entry to Gioia ( )

*Free Meme Apps similar to the websites listed below can be downloaded onto smartphones and tablets.
Explore the following meme making websites:
MemeCrunch: A VERY simple site to use. Make a meme by selecting a STOCK image or select CUSTOM IMAGE and upload your own.
MemeGenerator: A simple site to use with lots of STOCK memes (Memes, Hot Memes, Top Memes, New Memes). Use the CREATE A NEW CHARACTER feature to upload your own image.
MemeCreator: Either CREATE using provided stock photos or UPLOAD your own! Text boxes are movable making it more customizable for those interested in that more advanced feature.
*Below you will find 3 Meme Examples which link to a greater gallery of memes. The 3 Meme Ideas will link you to more images that might help with getting started. Contestants can of course choose other images to use. These are only suggestions.

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