PSAs are channels for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests.The BCTF includes 33 provincial specialist associations (PSAs), which provide channels for members to share common interests. Many PSAs maintain websites. You can access these pages by following the links below. (Please contact the individual PSA if you have any questions about the pages within a PSA website).

ABCDE: Association of BC Drama Educators

AEA: Aboriginal Education Association (formerly known as First Nations Education Association FNEA)

AEGTCCBC: Association for Educators of Gifted, Talented and Creative Children in BC

AEPSA: Adult Educators’ Provincial Specialist Association

APPIPC Association Provinciale des Professeurs d’Immersion et du Programme Francophone

BCAEA: BC Alternate Education Association

BCAMT: BC Association of Mathematics Teachers

BCATA: BC Art Teachers’ Association

BCATML: BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages

BCBEA: BC Business Education Association

BCCASA: BC Culinary Arts Specialist Association

BCCLA: BC Co-operative Learning Association

BCDEA: BC Dance Educators’ Association

BCEDLPSA: BC Educators For Distributed Learning PSA: Hospital/Homebound & Distance Education Teachers

BCMEA: BC Music Educators’ Association

BCPTA: BC Primary Teachers’ Association

BCRSSTA: BC Rural & Small Schools Teachers’ Association

BCSCA: BC School Counsellors’ Association

BCScTA: BC Science Teachers’ Association

BCSSTA: BC Social Studies Teachers’ Association

BCTEA: BC Technology Education Association

BCTELA: BC Teachers of English Language Arts

BCTLA: BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association

CUEBC: Computer-Using Educators of BC

EEPSA: Environmental Educators’ Provincial Specialist Association

ESLPSA: English as a Second Language Provincial Specialist Association

LATA: Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association

PAGE: B.C. Teachers for Peace and Global Education

PEBC: Physical Education Teachers of BC

PITA: Provincial Intermediate Teachers’ Association

SEA: Special Education Association

THESA: Environmental Educators’ Provincial Specialist Association B.C. Teachers for Peace and Global Education Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association

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PSA Mailing List:

PSA Application Form and Instructions: PSA-ApplicationForm

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