Pro-D Rep Training 2016

Pro-D Funds will be released once you have attended a Pro-D training session.

STA Office at #201, 9030 King George Boulevard, Surrey.
All sessions start at 8:30 am and finish at 2:30 pm.
Lunch and a snack will be provided.
(maximum 22 spots per day)
Limited parking at the STA office – please arrange carpooling where possible.

Information for Leave of Absence:
Article: G.21.7.h STA Business
Leave with pay
Cost of TTOC to be borne by the STA. attention Anne McNamee

Rookie Pro-D Rep:
If you are a rookie Pro-D rep (it’s your first year, or you are returning to the role after several years absence) please sign up for one of the following days: September 22nd, 27th or 28th
Rookie PD rep training – Role and Function of the PD Rep
This workshop develops the skills and knowledge of the PD rep as a union leader. Strategies are explored for building member and public support for professional development, advocating for teacher-centered PD, and returning control of PD to teachers.

Registration Links for Rookie Reps:

Experienced Pro-D Rep:
If you are an experienced Pro-D rep, please sign up for one of the following days: September 20th, 21st , 23rd or 29th
Advanced PD rep training – Creating a Culture of Professionalism This workshop explores the ways local and school teams can and do lead on professional issues, develop ideas and practices around professional cultures, and seek ways to enhance and support the autonomous professional practices of teachers.

Registration Links for Experienced Reps:

Please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, aftershaves and other scented products at all STA events. Thank you!

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