Pro-D Opportunities – November 10, 2016

STA Pro – D Opportunities
Thursday, November 10, 2016
Queen Elizabeth Secondary School
9457 King George Boulevard, Surrey


8:00 am Coffee. Lunch is provided for all participants
Registration: via Eventbrite

Assessment for Learning: Max. 30
This workshop reviews the research that shows that doing more formative assessment in classrooms can have dramatic effects on student learning and achievement for all students, and help low achievers the most. The workshop will review the research, clarify the differences between formative assessment for learning and summative assessment of learning, and provide opportunities for participants to discuss what this might look like in the grades and subjects they teach. Participants are asked to bring student work in order to practise giving descriptive feedback.

Issues in Secondary Assessment:Challenges and Possibilities Max. 30
This workshop addresses issues in assessment, evaluation, and grading practices in secondary schools, e.g., the balance of formative and summative assessment, the use of zero as a mark, marks deductions for late work and other work habit issues, grading group work, averaging marks across the semester/year, etc.

To Shine a Light on it Conference , Aboriginal Worldviews & Perspectives: Max.100
sponsored by the STA Aboriginal Education Committee

Dr. Jeanne Paul, “Red Shawl Woman”
Looking for Authentic Aboriginal Resources?
Traditional Teachings
Infusing Aboriginal Content
Traditional Medicines
Traditional Healing Workshop
Traditional Healing as Pathway to Indigenous Knowledge
Local History Workshop
Sto:lo Government
Aboriginal Performances
Book Displays & Vendor Booths
lunch Provided & Giveaways

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