Peer Support

Teachers may from time to time in their career find themselves struggling—with new grades/subjects, extremely challenging students, personal health issues, etc. There is help available to teachers if they feel they need some extra support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the STA/SD36 Peer Support Service?

This is a joint initiative between the STA and the Surrey school district. It is based upon the successful BCTF model and is designed to provide direct support to teachers who request assistance with their teaching (self-referral) or to teachers who are on plans of assistance. The mandate is to provide training for the Peer Consultants and support services for teachers.

Who will provide the service?

The peer support and assistance will be provided by Surrey teachers, known as Peer Consultants, with an extensive background in multiple teaching strategies and training in planning, consultation, classroom observation, analysis and feedback skills. Peer consultants will offer support in a non-directive and a non-judgmental environment.

How can a teacher access the service?

A teacher who requests assistance with their teaching or a teacher who is on a plan-of-assistance may request the services of the STA/SD36 Peer Support by contacting the STA office. Principals or staff reps may also forward the teacher’s request on their behalf, at their request.

Who will pay for the service?

The cost of the service to a teacher will be covered by the school district.

A Peer Consultant will not give information to any person, except as agreed to in advance by the teacher receiving the services.

The Surrey School district agrees that it shall not use any information relating to the member’s participation in the Peer Support Service against the member in any disciplinary proceeding, or in any evaluation of the member’s teaching performance.

Peer Support Service – Application Form for volunteer peer consultants.

Peer Support Service – Request Form for assistance.

For more information about the service please contact the Professional Issues officer at 604-594-5353

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