Orange Shirt Day, September 30th

Orange Shirt Day, Annual Event on September 30th.

This year, schools will be honouring the day on Friday, September 29th.

The STA is encouraging teachers and students across the district to participate in this awareness campaign by wearing an orange shirt to school on Friday, September 29th. Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for schools to come together in the remembrance of residential schools, and in a spirit of reconciliation.

Information about the origin of Orange Shirt Day can be found here:

The BCTF has developed a new resource called, “Gladys We Never Knew” that explores the history of residential schools through the life of a child.
Additional teaching resources, and classroom activities can be accessed
 Contact your Aboriginal Education Helping Teacher, or the Aboriginal Education Committee for assistance, questions, or information about ordering a shirt.
Note: there is no ‘official’ shirt – participants are encouraged to design their own!

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