Upcoming Non-Instructional Days; meetings & training

Upcoming Non-Instructional Days

September 25th is our first non-instructional day of the year. For some schools, the principal has designated it as the one admin-directed non-instructional day of the school year. For other schools, it is a teacher-directed Pro-D Day.  The STA has not planned any professional development activities for this first day.  Watch for further updates on the November 10th non-instructional day, “Shining a Light on It: Aboriginal Education,” and the February 16th Focus Day.

What if Staff Meetings are scheduled on Pro-D days?

If Monday, September 25th is a teacher directed Pro-d day at your school and you have a Staff Meeting scheduled for that day, the meeting cannot happen during instructional hours (because a staff meeting is admin-directed, not teacher-directed).  Furthermore, teachers are not required to be at their school site on teacher-directed Pro-D days; Principals should not expect teachers to return to the school site in order to attend a staff meeting at the end of the day.  For this reason, some Principals choose to change the date of their monthly meeting, which is reasonable. If it is a Teacher-Directed Pro-D day, and there is a Staff Meeting scheduled during instructional hours, Pro-D funds cannot be used for any portion of the day.

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NVCI Training

It has come to our attention that the district is offering Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training on September 25th. Please be aware that if you are teacher for whom NVCI training is required in order to do your work effectively and/or safely, you should not be taking NVCI training on a professional development day. This advice applies to IST teachers, BASES teachers, and any teacher who works with a student at risk of being violent. We have let the district know that they should be providing NVCI training through detached duty in-service on a regular instructional day for these teachers, rather than expecting them to take it on one of their own teacher-directed Professional Development days.

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