Monday Meno – March 31, 2014

MEMO TO: Staff Reps

COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee

FROM: Jennifer Wadge, President

Date: March 31, 2014

Welcome Back!
On behalf of everyone at the STA office, welcome back from Spring Break. Hopefully, you had a chance to rest and have some fun. Here’s to longer days and warmer weather!
Thanks to the Surrey AGM Delegates
This year’s BCTF Annual General Meeting took place on Spring Break (March 15- 18). 63 Surrey teachers volunteered to give up the first few days of their break so that they could participate in the meeting and have a voice in decision making at the provincial level. Thank you to those teachers.

STARA Meeting – April 16th
There will be a STARA meeting on April 16th at Eaglequest (7778 152nd Street) from 4- 6 pm. There will be a bargaining update provided. All members are welcome to attend but only school staff reps can vote. If you require childcare for the meeting, please contact Cindy Tierney.

Lower Mainland Teachers’ Radio Ad
The Surrey Teachers’ Association has joined with local teacher associations from across the lower mainland (Langley, Vancouver, New West, West Van, North Van, Burnaby) to create and run a radio ad on News 1130. The ad began running today and will continue to run for the next three weeks. The ad stars Surrey teacher Melissa Pellizzari. A copy is attached for your listening pleasure.

STA Convention: Surrey Teachers Learning Together – Friday May 2nd

The STA Convention gets bigger and better every year, and this year will be no exception! We will have sites at Princess Margaret Secondary, Panorama Ridge Secondary, SFU, and David Brankin. New for this year will be a number of out-trips, and an aboriginal strand at the Musqueam Cultural Centre. All Surrey teachers are expected to attend the STA Convention. Registration will open at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, April 7th, and the website will be open for previewing later this week. Register early!

This year’s layoff date is January 1, 2011. Teachers will be receiving layoff notices today. The district is holding an information session on layoff/recall on Thursday, April 10th from 3:45- 5:00 pm at Enver Creek Secondary. If you have any questions about the layoff workshop or about layoff and recall in general, please call the STA office at 604-594-5353.

Transfer Workshop – Thursday, April 3rd
There will be an information workshop for any teachers who are considering transferring in the coming rounds at Eaglequest (7778 152nd St) on April 3rd from 3:45- 5:30 pm. This year’s layoff date is January 1, 2011. If you have any questions about the layoff workshop or about layoff and recall in general, please call the STA office at 604-594-5353.

Social Media: Speaking up about Public Education:
• The BCTF created a Letter for Parents and Guardians explaining job action and how they can support us in our current situation. Please share widely on your social media. A paper copy to give to parents will arrive at schools ASAP!

• The BCTF’s microsite has great posters and graphics to download and share on your social networking. Our bargaining team is working hard to get a deal. Let’s do our parts by keeping our public informed about Public Education
*Please note that any discussions happening on any social media and not behind our secure BCTF portal should not include specifics from ‘in-committee’ bargaining information.
STA Public Education Meme Contest
The STA Meme contest closed at spring break. Thank you for all the entries. Decisions will be made this week. Stay tuned for future versions of the contest.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Regulation:
• Have you read Surrey’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Regulation N0. 9410.2? Do you have questions about what it means and your responsibility in supporting it?
• Not sure how to address homophobia in your classroom…? Pride Education Network has many free downloadable resources (theoretical teachers books, practical lesson plans etc.) on its PEN Resources page. Check it out!

Latest email from Minister Fassbender:
Many teachers continue to respond to Minister Fassbender’s emails with some facts from their own classrooms. Attached are two such letters from Surrey teachers. Perhaps consider getting together with some colleagues to write responses. If you write, please send us a copy! (We will always seek your permission before distributing such letters to others.) see attached “Letters to Fassbender”

Do you know? Union Fact #48 -A two-tiered education system has taken root in BC:

“Finland, with B.C.’s population, has a reputation as one of the most competitive countries in the world, because it recruits every kid onto the national team. Canada and the U.S., by contrast, run school systems based on The Hunger Games, in which the kids compete against each other.” Read more about public and private school funding at

April Calendar
April 1 – STA Executive Committee Meeting
April 3 – Transfer Workshop, Eaglequest
April 10 – STA AGM Delegates Post-AGM Meeting, STA Office
April 15 – STA Executive Committee Meeting
April 16 – STARA Meeting, Eaglequest
April 18 – Good Friday
April 21 – Easter Monday
April 22 – Staff Rep Training
April 23 – Staff Rep Training
April 24 – Staff Rep Training
April 29 – Staff Rep Training
April 29 – STA Executive Committee Meeting
April 30 – Staff Rep Training

Joke of the Week
What do you call it when hash browns run around?
Hash tag! (#)

This week’s joke was submitted by Anna-Maria Peelo, North Surrey Secondary. If you have a (clean but not necessarily teacher related) joke, please send it to If your joke is selected, your name will be entered into a draw for a gift card.

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