Monday Memo – September 8, 2015

MEMO TO:  Staff Rep

COPIES TO:  STA Executive Committee

FROM:  Jennifer Wadge, STA President

DATE:  September 8, 2015

Welcome Back!

On behalf of everyone at the STA office, welcome back to another school year!

New Curriculum Update

The Ministry of Education is beginning a new three year plan to implement the new curriculum.  This plan has been designed in consultation with BCTF table officers and staff.  This year will be an exploratory year for the K-9 curriculum.  This means that teachers can examine the new curriculum and may choose to use parts or all of it in their teaching.  However, teachers are not required to use the new K-9 curriculum this year.  The new K-9 curriculum will be implemented in the 2016-17 school year.

The new 10-12 curriculum is still being developed and some drafts are available online.  Teachers should only be viewing the new 10-12 curriculum at this time.  The exploratory year for the new 10-12 curriculum will take place next school year (2016-17) and will be implemented in the 2017-18 school year.

Please see the attached timeline and the letters the Ministry has sent to superintendents , parent and teachers.  It is very important that we follow this implementation plan.  If you feel at all pressured to use the new curriculum this year, please contact Anne McNamee, STA Professional Issues Officer.

Teachers on recall

If you are still awaiting recall, and a position you are qualified to teach is posted in a staff bulletin, contact Steve Hardy (Secondary Teachers) or Chris Stanger (Elementary Teachers) and let them know that you have the necessary qualifications for the available position. Please, contact Joanna Cerazy, Sue Heuman or Kristine Olsen, STA grievance officers, if you have questions about this process.


STARA Meeting- September 23

The first STARA meeting of the year will be taking place on September 23 at Eaglequest, beginning at 4:00 pm.  All members may attend but only elected staff reps may vote.  Please make sure your school elects a staff rep or reps before this meeting.  If you require childcare, please contact Lorna Sheh.


STA Ad Hoc LGBTQ Committee Update

With this new school year coming, the STA Ad Hoc Committee is hoping to support GSA’s and Diversity Clubs (DC) that is inclusive of LGBTQ issues. Does your school have an active GSA or DC? Or are you hoping to sponsor a new club at your school this year? If so, please email Gioia (2-vp@surrey This information will help us know the size of events to plan for and give us a list of people to contact when plans get underway. Schools that respond will be entered into a draw for an LGBTQ themed book (In Our Mothers’ House –elementary or One in Every Crowd –secondary).

Check out our STA collection of LGBTQ resources! The committee will be working on after school workshops to support teachers in accessing and including LGBTQ resources and themes into their lessons. Stay tuned!

Are you concerned about how to get started in addressing LGBTQ inclusion and or homophobia? Check out the Pride Education Network’s Resources page! There are many downloadable locally-produced books and lesson plans.

Speaking Up and Out for Public Education

Seth Klein, one of our Convention Day keynotes, co-authored One year after the BC teachers’ strike, what’s happening for kids with special needs? While the strike is over, it’s important for us to keep speaking up and out! This is a great article to include in our public education narrative.

Surrey teacher and blogger, Lizanne Foster has written a blog on the new curriculum and underfunding.  You can read and share it here: New BC curriculum designed for private, not public schools

October 19th, get out and vote!

The federal election is coming and while public education is under the domain of the province, we know that the federal government sets a nation-wide tone. With only 39% of the population casting a ballot in the last federal election, teachers are strongly encouraged to exercise their right to vote. Recent changes, via the Fair Elections Act, may require previously registered voters to register again. Visit the Elections Canada site to familiarize yourself with the changes and ensure that you are registered to vote!

September Calendar

September 15 – Pro-D Rep Training, STA Office

September 15 – STA Executive Committee Meeting, STA Office

September 16 – Pro-D Rep Training, STA Office

September 17 – Pro-D Rep Training, STA Office

September 22 – Pro-D Rep Training, STA Office

September 23 – Pro-D Rep Training, STA Office

September 23 – STARA Meeting, Eaglequest

September 24 – Pro-D Rep Training, STA Office

September 28 – Non-Instructional Day

September 29 – STA Executive Committee Meeting, STA Office

September 30 – Rookie Staff Rep Training, STA Office






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