Monday Memo – October 2, 2017

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This week’s headlines:

  • Thursday, October 5th – World Teachers’ Day
  • Change to Childcare for STARA Meeting
  • Implementation update: LST CRISIS
  • Friday, October 27th – New Teachers’ Induction and Conference
  • Failure to fills: How to track the impact
  • Call for Resolutions for BCTF Annual General Meeting
  • Release Time for Staff Reps to Facilitate Best Efforts Conversations With Admin
  • The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services Wants to Hear From You!
  • FSA Materials in Other Languages
  • Variance Application/Approval Process
  • Great Bear Rainforest
  • STA Mediation Service
  • Call for Workshop Submissions
  • Mentorship Advisory Team
  • Volunteer as a Peer Support Consultant!
  • Thank you to all who signed up for the 2017 PSA Super Conference!
  • Secondary Teachers on a Split-Shift Schedule
  • Classroom Space Issues
  • Integration Support Caseloads
  • Owed Prep Recovery
  • Pay Increment Upgrade
  • Register your personally owned materials

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Monday Memo – October 2, 2017

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