Monday Memo – November 29, 2010

MEMO TO: Staff Reps

COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee

FROM: Chrystal Tagmann, First Vice President

Date: November 29, 2010


Teacher on Call Winter Social – come and have fun
December 1, 2010
4:00 pm at Central City Pub (13450 – 102 Avenue, Surrey)
All STA members are welcome.

Bill 27 & 28 Court Challenge Update
Over the past two weeks the BC Teachers Federation has been in BC Supreme Court challenging the three laws which stripped our collective agreement and removed class size and composition limits. Late last week the BCTF introduced evidence that the conduct of the government and BC Public School Employers’ Association amounted to bargaining in bad faith, in that they allowed collective bargaining to continue despite their understanding that intended legislation would strip class size, composition and non-enrolling ratios from the collective agreement. Our lawyers will continue this week with further arguments and evidence. More information about the case and the timeline will arrive early in the New Year.

Principal and Vice Principal Assignments Update – attachment
For the latest change to district principal and vice principal assignments please see the attachment.

Winter Driving Safety
Winter changes everything! Be informed and prepared for the road ahead!
For more information please go to
Seniority BookCopies of the latest Seniority Book are in schools today. Please remind all members on staff to review and verify their seniority date; and direct errors to Maureen Steele at Human Resources Department.

Bill 33 – STA Grieving lack of Information Regarding Classes
Last year, an arbitrator’s ruling made it clear that it is the principal’s responsibility to provide all relevant information in advance of a consultation meeting. However, we have discovered that in most schools, teachers were provided only with IEPs or instructions to access IEPs.

The District has already agreed that teachers may review student files to identify what they believe is relevant information.

If you have teachers who consulted and disagreed in your school, please encourage them to examine the student files for information. Even if a teacher received information, then decided not to consult, or even agreed with their class, we can still grieve if the principal did not supply all relevant information. This type of grievance may be very helpful in expanding the considerations that must be made before principals create classes which exceed the Bill 33 guidelines.

Teachers should check the files of any students about which they have concerns to see if there is any information that they believe would have been helpful to know in advance of the Bill 33 consultation meeting. If they find any information, they should list the date, title of the document, and a short description, and forward the list to the STA at
Some examples of relevant information that may be in student files:
– ESL assessments showing weaknesses in ability to listen, speak, read, or write, a need for accommodations by the classroom teacher.
– Records of discipline or suspensions.
– Discipline or safety plans
– Reports cards or other reports that show that a student received learning assistance or other specialist assistance such as Hearing, Vision, Speech and Language, or Gifted.
– Reports from School Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Youth Care or Child Care Workers, Ministry of Children and Families, or probation officers.

If teachers or staff reps wish to attend a Bill 33 Step One grievance meeting, they should e-mail

November 29, 2010

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