Monday Memo – November 23, 2015

MEMO TO: Staff Rep
COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee
FROM: Jennifer Wadge, STA President
DATE: November 23, 2015
Staff Reps, please forward.

Small Salary Increase
As a result of Economic Stability Dividend (ESD), we will be receiving a small salary increase beginning on May 1, 2016. The ESD is calculated by providing a salary increase if the economy grows by more than the projection. The BC economy grew by 3.2% in 2014, exceeding the forecast of 2.3%. The increase is calculated based on 50% of the positive difference between the actual growth and the forecasted growth (3.2-2.3= 0.9 x 50%= 0.45%). That translates into the small salary increase of 0.45%.

As a result of this small increase, a new 2014-2019 salary grid document is attached, along with the pay rates for May 1, 2016 and July 1, 2016, when we will receive the next negotiated increase of 1%.

BCTF Pension Consultation Meeting- This Wednesday!
The BCTF is scheduling local meetings around the province in order to provide members with information on possible changes to the Pension Plan. Once members have attended their local meeting and reviewed the materials, they will be asked to complete an online survey. Results of the survey will be used to help in creating recommendations to the BCTF Annual General Meeting in March. You can read more about the pension consultation process and watch videos –

The Surrey Meeting will take place at the Bombay Banquet Hall on November 25th beginning at 4:00 pm. All members are encouraged to attend. A butter chicken dinner will be provided.

Please register so that we can make appropriate arrangements for catering:
You do not have to register to attend the meeting.

STARA Meeting- December 16th
There will be a STARA meeting held at Eaglequest Golf Centre on Dec. 16th , beginning at 4:00pm. Hot appetizers and festive beverages will be provided as a thank you to staff reps. There will also be a turkey draw. If you require childcare, please email Carly Coupe before 4:00 pm on Dec. 7th.

STA Convention- Call for Presenters
Our STA Convention will be May 6th, 2016. It is the largest professional development event organized by teachers, for teachers, in BC. Most of our workshops are presented by Surrey teachers sharing their expertise and ideas with their colleagues. Our theme for the convention is : Changing Our Ways: Weaving Threads of Truth and Reconciliation Throughout Our Practice. We welcome proposals and suggestions from all teaching areas and topics. Because our theme this year is in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we invite presenters to consider embedding aboriginal education content into their workshop proposals, but this is by no means a requirement. Please contact Anne McNamee at for more information.

Speaking up about Public Education
The Report is in from the Select Standing Committee on Finance is out. Thank you to all those teachers who participated in the surveys and in the STA’s video submission to this non-partisan committee. The committee reports K-12 education funding in BC is inadequate and has recommended increased funding, including changes to how funding is determined for programs, services, and staffing. The provincial budget will be out in February; at that point we will learn how Premier Clark chooses to respond to these recommendations.

Have you received your latest copy of the BCTF’s Teacher Magazine?
The Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Teacher is teaming with wonderful articles!
· There are many articles that touch on gender expression and sexual health! Whether you’re already a strong advocate, or an ally-in-the-making, this edition of Teacher Magazine has ideas to help you to create schools and classrooms that are more supportive and inclusive of LGBTQ staff and students! These go hand in hand with the District’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity policy and procedures.
· There is celebration piece of our newly retired Surrey colleague Shirley Clements, who you may remember from appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show earlier this fall.
· It includes a breakdown of the gains we will make in the 2013-19 collective agreement.
· The piece on attendance management programs offers some good reminders of what to do if you are asked to attend a meeting about your attendance.

Upcoming Workshops at the STA:
Crash Course in Robert’s Rules: Tuesday, December 1st from 4:00-6:00pm at the STA
Have you wanted to better understand how STARA and General Meetings are conducted? Or have you wanted to participate more but not really understood how? Do you wish your School Staff Committee meetings could run more efficiently? Whether you are chairing, moving a motion, or struggling to understand what’s happening in the meeting, this workshop is for you. Come get a crash course in Robert’s Rules from your STA VPs at the STA building on Tuesday, December 1st from 4-6pm. Please register using this Eventbrite link:

BCTF’s Effective School Staff Committees Workshop: Wednesday, December 2nd from 3:30-6:00pm
Are you finding that your School Staff Committee is feeling less effective? Are you having trouble getting one started at your school? This workshop offers practical advice on how to establish and maintain a school staff committee that is modelled on effective and democratic decision-making. It makes the most sense for Staff Committee Chairs to attend but Chairs can send an alternate in their place. Please register using this Eventbrite link: *Because this is the BCTF’s workshop, we need to have a minimum of 15 people registered for a BCTF facilitator to be granted.

November/December Calendar
November 24 – STA Executive Committee Meeting, STA Office
November 25 – BCTF Pension Consultation, Bombay Banquet Hall
November 26 – STA Ad Hoc LGBTQ Committee Meeting, STA Office
December 8 – STA Executive Committee Meeting, STA Office
December 16 – STARA Meeting, Eaglequest
December 21 – Winter Break Begins

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