Monday Memo – November 16, 2015

MEMO TO: Staff Rep
COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee
FROM: Jennifer Wadge, STA President
DATE: November 16, 2015

Staff Reps, please forward.

Reconvened AGM/Special General Meeting- November 18th
The reconvened STA AGM will take place this Wednesday for the purpose of adopting the audited financial statements. There will be a Special General Meeting to follow. The meeting will take place at the Bombay Banquet Hall, beginning at 4:00 pm. The purpose of the Special General Meeting is to elect a new Member at Large to the STA Executive Committee, to vote on resolutions to the BCTF Annual General Meeting, as well as a debate on a motion from a member. All members are welcome to attend and able to vote. A butter chicken dinner will be provided.

Election – Member at Large
Due to the recent election of Jatinder Bir as Local Representative to the BCTF, the STA Executive Committee now has one vacant Member at Large position that needs to be filled. The election will take place at the Special General Meeting on November 18th. If you are interested in the position, you may still run from the floor of the meeting. If you have questions about this position, please call the STA office and ask to speak to a table officer.

Audited Financial Statements
Attached is a short version of the audited financial statements for the 2014-2015 budget year. These financial statements will be adopted at the Reconvened Annual General Meeting on November 18th. A few copies of the full version will be available at the meeting or they can be sent to you if requested through the president.

BCTF Pension Consultation Meeting- November 25th
The BCTF is scheduling local meetings around the province in order to provide members with information on possible changes to the Pension Plan. Once members have attended their local meeting and reviewed the materials, they will be asked to complete an online survey. Results of the survey will be used to help in creating recommendations to the BCTF Annual General Meeting in March. You can read more about the pension consultation process and watch videos –

The Surrey Meeting will take place at the Bombay Banquet Hall on November 25th beginning at 4:00 pm. All members are encouraged to attend. A butter chicken dinner will be provided.

To register, please go to:
Opportunities for Members:
Please contact Anne McNamee,, for more information about the following opportunities:

Continuing the Conversation –
Continuing the Conversation is a jointly planned and organized by the STA, SD36 and the SPVPA and is a series of three afterschool sessions that focus on conversation, communication and school culture. Participants are welcome to apply as a school group; a group can be as small as two people. The application deadline has been extended to Monday, November 30th. The flyer is attached.

Peer Support Volunteers –
We are seeking applications from teachers who are interested in volunteering with our peer support program. The program is jointly funded and coordinated by the STA and the district. Deadline for applications is November 30th. A flyer is attached, and you can also find out more information here:
STA Mediation Service –
The STA Executive Committee will appoint up to 3 Surrey teachers to the STA Mediation Service. The STA will provide training in conflict resolution and mediation, and release time is provided for training and to conduct mediation. Successful applicants are appointed for a three year renewable term. More information about the service can be found here: Teachers can apply using the attached STA Curriculum Vitae form.

November/December Calendar
November 17 – STA Executive and Committee Chairs Liaison Meeting, STA Office
November 18 – Reconvened AGM/Special General Meeting, Bombay Banquet Hall
November 24 – STA Executive Committee Meeting
November 25 – BCTF Pension Consultations, Bombay Banquet Hall
December 8 – STA Executive Committee Meeting, STA Office
December 16 – STARA Meeting, Eaglequest
December 21 – Winter Break Begins

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