Monday Memo – November 12, 2012

MEMO TO:             Staff Reps

COPIES TO:           STA Executive Committee

FROM:                      Jennifer Wadge, President

Date:                         November 13, 2012

Joint Health and Safety Chat and problem solving –November 22
All health and safety reps invited!  November 22nd at the STA office,  4:00 pm -5:00 pm.  Please call STA office and register at 604-594-5353.  Snacks provided.

Supreme Court of Canada rules
Supreme Court’s Moore v. BC Government (Education)
Vulnerable children suffer the most when education funding is cut.  It is provincial governments that fund education in Canada.  The Supreme Court of Canada has now ruled that “adequate special education is not a dispensable luxury.”  All provincial governments are now on notice. In particular in BC, which has fallen so far behind the national average.  The chronic underfunding must stop.

Surrey Teacher Social: December 7
Save the date! There will be a Teacher Social at the Central City Brew Pub.   More details coming soon!

Unions factoid: Do you think it’s fair that:

  • Fewer than 40% of working Canadians have a workplace pension plan?
  • Corporate taxes account for less than 13% of all government revenues?
  • Since 1998 the average pay among the 100 best paid CEOs has grown by 90% after inflation but just by 5% for the rest of us?

Neither do we.   The advantages that union jobs bring to workers, to their families and communities is real, measurable and positive.  It’s time that message got out! To that end, the Canadian Labour Congress is holding a contest. Read on:

Canadian Labour Congress One-Minute Video Contest
Great prizes are being offered by the CLC for whomever comes up with the best message and video in just under a minute about how unions stand up for fairness, deliver good jobs and better lives, and fight for a better deal for everyone. So if you have a video camera and some friends and you’ve had it with all the negative trash-talk about unions, then enter the CLC’s one minute message contest now!  The videos should be positive and communicate that life is better and work treats people more fairly when they’ve got a union on their side.  Entries will be received until January 31, 2013. Submissions will be posted on Youtube.  For more details go to

November Calendar
• Nov. 21 – STA Reconvened Annual General Meeting
• Nov. 26-30 – BC Federation of Labour Convention
• Nov. 27 – STA Executive and Committee Chairs Liaison Meeting

Joke of the Week
Sara:  I just bought a cookbook that is written in French.
Mary:  I didn’t know you could read French!
Sara:  I can’t.  But the way I cook, it doesn’t matter.

A boy was riding his bike and he knocked over an old lady.  She wasn’t hurt, but was quite angry.
She yelled at the boy, “Don’t you know how to ride that bike?!”
“Yes,” he replied, but I don’t know how to ring the bell.”

This week’s jokes were sent in by Patricia Baisi, Forsyth Road.  If you have a (clean, but not necessarily teacher related) joke, please send it to  If your joke is selected, your name will be entered into a draw for a gift card.  The draw will take place in December.

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