Monday Memo – May 8, 2017

MEMO TO: Staff Reps
COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee
FROM: Gioia Breda, President
Date: May 8, 2017


LST Entitlement Dispute
Colleagues, late last week we were told that the District was given general advice from BCPSEA with respect to how to calculate non-enrolling ratios. Their position contradicted what the BCTF and the STA were expecting based on our restored language. We were surprised to hear that their formula would result in a reduction of LST FTE for 2017/18. They were not able to give us firm numbers Thursday as it was ‘going through a final review.’ We set up a meeting for today, Monday afternoon to discuss the actual drop in numbers and what rationale/method they had used to arrive at a reduction.

Today the District confirmed that the reduction of LST to the District would be 66.075 FTE (elementary and secondary combined). The District also cancelled this afternoon’s meeting and have refused to give us their rationale or formula at this time.

Like you, we are outraged that our restored language is not being appropriately followed; our most vulnerable students should be receiving MORE support next year, not less! We have sought support from the BCTF and have initiated the dispute-resolution mechanism with the District. If we cannot resolve things at the local level (we have another meeting scheduled Wednesday), the provincial bodies will be meeting next week and they will try to resolve it there (as per the Memorandum of Agreement with the government). If those processes fail, we will be pursuing arbitration. We know that some members are worried that they are going to be surplussed from their schools and are justifiably upset that they didn’t have this information prior to Round One. Please stay tuned for further updates during the week should more information become available.

Who we elect on May 9, 2017 will determine who sits across from us at the bargaining table in 2019 –
A message from BCTF President Glen Hansman

After 15 years of court battles, underfunding, and undermining public education, who do you trust to protect the working and learning conditions we just won back? Please see the attached letter from BCTF President Glen Hansman. For more information on the the impacts of this government over the past 15 years, please use the following link to check out the BCTF’s Teacher Magazine -Election Edition.

STA AGM May 17th – Bombay Banquet Hall
This is a reminder to put our most important meeting of the year in your calendars for next week. We elect our table officers and executive members for next year and make major decisions for your local union. A wonderful butter chicken meal is served. If you can only attend one union meeting in a year please make it this one! Special guest, BCTF President Glen Hansman, will be in attendance!

STA Scholarships and Bursaries
The STA offers a variety of awards for students.

Some awards are open to all SD36 students graduating this June:
School-based awards administered by secondary schools
Jennifer Wadge Memorial Social Justice Award: deadline is May 12, 2017

Other awards are designated for children of STA members, who are graduating in June from any public school:
STA Scholarships
STA Bursaries
Jennifer Wadge Memorial Social Justice Awards
The deadline for applying for these awards is September 5, 2017.

For information and links to application forms, please see the following web page:

Round 2 Integration Support Teacher (IST) Postings
It is expected that there is going to be a large number of IST position available in Round 2. Integration Support Teachers assist Classroom Teachers in integrating students with low incidence designations into regular class. With the restored Collective Agreement language, the IST – student ratios have been restored back to 1:15 and school based Principals and Vice Principals are no longer allowed to assume these roles. Thus, we anticipate a number of IST positions to become available. It is a great opportunity for teachers who are interested in supporting students with special needs and working as a part of a collaborative team. This position does not involve direct service to students. In order to be considered qualified for this position, teachers have to have minimum of three years of teaching experience in either a regular or special class:
Please contact Joanna Cerazy, Grievance Officer, if you have any questions related to this opportunity.

STA Convention 2017–Thank you!!
Thanks so much to all teachers who attended and contributed their brilliant ideas and energy to each and every session and excursion. We inspire each other with our learning! Thanks to the presenters and keynotes, and thanks to the organizing committee! We will send out a survey to evaluate this year’s convention to all who registered. (over 3400 people registered, the most ever!)

If you enjoyed your day, or if you can think of ways to improve it for next year, we hope you will consider joining the Convention Committee for next year. It is a wonderful opportunity to give back to your profession, and to see your own ideas about Pro D come to life. We have several ideas for next year, including making 4 main sites instead of 2, and have them organized thematically instead of by Elem/Sec. This would relieve parking pressure and change the day profoundly. But the committee for next year would develop these ideas! Please consider putting your name forward; to do so please submit your name to be elected to Convention Committee to , and plan to attend the STARA Meeting in June!

Third Term Reports
The ministerial order on reporting requires a student self-assessment of the core competencies on the final report. The BCTF’s latest Education Change Bulletin (attached) addresses this issue. The district has provided some materials (available on the Hub) for teachers to use, but teachers do not need to use the district’s provided forms or documents. Please let us know right away if your administrator tells you that you should be using the district-provided forms and documents for the core competencies self-assessment.

Public alert: Phone scam citing BCTF
It has come to our attention that unknown individuals have been making phone calls claiming to represent the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation and requesting banking information to authorize donations. For the record, the BCTF never solicits contributions from members of the public. The people making these calls are perpetrating a scam, and should be reported to the police.

STA Retirement Dinner: Friday June 9, 2017
The STA Retirement Dinner will be held at the Guildford Sheraton Hotel on June 9th, 2017. Retiring members will be treated to a fabulous buffet dinner, as well as a dance with a live band and a special gift to thank you for your years as a member of the STA. If you are retiring by the end of this school year, please contact Donna Stewart at to get your invitation for you and one guest. RSVPs are required.

L.A Matheson Celebrates their Pride and invites GSA sponsors and members to join them!
Celebrate Our Pride all GSA sponsors/coordinators in the Surrey School District, you and your students are invited to attend our Celebrate Our Pride GSA Dinner on May 18th during our Pride Week. Please RSVP to Annie Ohana at by May 16th!




Pride Prom June 1st: Save the Date!
Attention all GSA sponsors, Pride Prom is back June first at Guildford Park Secondary. More information to come ASAP!
Pride Prom

Joke of The Week
Teacher: Knock-Knock
Student: Who’s there?
Teacher: To
Student: To who?
Teacher: Actually, it’s “to whom”

This week’s joke was submitted by Leon D’Souza. If you would like to participate in joke of the week, please submit a short, clean, (but not necessarily education-related) joke to Gioia Breda at . If your joke is drawn for publication, your name will then be entered into a draw for a gift card at the end of the month. *Thanks for the jokes! Please keep them coming!

Calendar of Events:
Reminder to all teachers – All STA meetings are open to members who are interested in attending. If you are thinking of getting involved, why not come and check out what is going on in our committees?

May 10 – Bargaining Committee meeting
May 11 – Status of Women/Girls Conference meeting
May 15 – Anti-Poverty Committee meeting
May 16 – Executive Committee meeting
May 17 – STA Annual General meeting
May 22 – Victoria Day
May 23 – International Solidarity Committee meeting
May 24 – Labour Affairs Committee meeting
May 25 – Local Reps meeting
May 26 – Aboriginal Education Committee meeting
May 26 to 27 – BCTF Rep Assembly
May 29 – Status of Women Grade 7 Girls Conference
May 30 – Executive Committee meeting
May 31 – International Solidarity Committee meeting
June 5 – Bargaining Committee meeting
June 6 – Executive Committee meeting (including Committee Chairs)
June 9 – STA Retirement Dinner & Dance
June 13 – Executive Committee meeting
June 14 – STARA meeting
June 19 – International Solidarity Committee meeting
June 27 – Executive Committee meeting

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