Monday Memo – March 2, 2015

MEMO TO: Staff Reps
COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee
FROM: Jennifer Wadge, President
DATE: March 2, 2015
Staff Reps, please forward.

Enjoy Your Spring Break!
Please enjoy your Spring Break and use it as a time to focus on both your mental and physical wellness. This year, try leaving your work at work and take the time to get outside and enjoy the sun. Remember that the first week is the school closure week and that you have already worked most of this time through the minutes added to the school day.

BCTF Annual General Meeting
The BCTF AGM will be taking place during Spring Break, March 14-17, in Victoria. The meeting is open to members, so, if you are in Victoria, please drop by the Victoria Convention Centre. Attached is the Reports and Resolutions book. This contains all the motions that will be debated at the AGM, if they hit the floor. Please take some time to look over this book and read the recommendations and resolutions. If you have any questions or any thoughts you would like to share please email one the table officers or one of our Local Representatives to the BCTF. The 6 Surrey LRs are; Violette Baillargeon, Jatinder Bir, Gavin Hainsworth, Devinder Kaila, Andy Nesdoly and Matt Westphal. You can find their emails on the district Outlook.

TRB Teacher Council Election- Don’t Forget to Vote!
Ballots should be arriving by mail shortly. We cannot let this mailing bungle reduce voter turnout. Please take a moment to fill out you ballot and mail it in. Ballots must be returned before 4:30 pm on March 20, 2015.
Laurence Greeff is the candidate endorsed by BCTF and STA in the Fraser Zone. (The other candidate is from a private school so we need to ensure a public school candidate is elected.)
For teachers who live in Vancouver, John Hall is the endorsed candidate for the Vancouver Coastal Zone.

STA Ad Hoc LGBTQ Committee Update/Opportunities:

Are you concerned about how to get started in addressing LGBTQ inclusion and or homophobia? Check out the Pride Education Network’s Resources page! There are many downloadable locally-produced books and lesson plans.

Speaking Up and Out for Public Education:
Surrey School Board Chair Laurae McNally spoke up and against the education budget and Christy Clark’s “low hanging fruit” comment on CKNW’s The John McComb Show: Cutting Education Dollars. McNally speaks passionately about the budgetary cuts, the millions from the operating budget going to portables and how there is NO low hanging fruit!

March Calendar
March 3 – STA Executive Committee Meeting
March 6 – Last Day of School
March 9-13 – School Closure Days
March 16-20 – Spring Break
March 24 – STA Executive Committee Meeting

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