Monday Memo – June 3, 2013


MEMO TO:        Staff Reps – please circulate to your staff members


COPIES TO:      STA Executive Committee


FROM:                 Jennifer Wadge, STA President


DATE:                 June 3, 2013


TTOC Shortage

The STA is very aware of the current TTOC shortage.  In a recent meeting with Deputy Superintendent Jordan Tinney, STA President Jennifer Wadge shared concerns from many schools about the lack of TTOCs, loss of preparation time, and general mood in schools, which is being severely affected by this issue.  Most recently, we have been told that the district is preparing to hire more TTOCs.  However, teachers should be aware that the district has taken the position that this issue will not be resolved solely through the hiring of more TTOCs.  The district’s position is that teachers are taking an increasing number of sick days, that there are teachers who are taking more sick days than they need (ie, misusing sick days) and that many of the TTOCs on the current list choose not to work in Surrey on a regular basis.  The STA has not taken the position that more TTOCs should not be hired.  In fact, we have been raising this issue regularly with the district and encouraging the hiring of more TTOCs.  We will continue to press the district on this serious issue.


Provincial Bargaining Update

Despite the suggestion from the provincial government that bargaining be postponed until the government provides BCPSEA with a new mandate, provincial bargaining resumed on May 28th, with additional dates on May 29, 30 and 31st.  As per the agreement between BCTF and BCPSEA, provincial bargaining updates will only be posted on a password protected site.  To read the most recent provincial bargaining update, you will need to log in to the members only section of the BCTF website. 

Cabinet will be appointed on June 7th and sworn in on June 10th.  It is expected that BCPSEA will be provided with its new mandate shortly after the new Education Minister is sworn in.


Anti-Homophobia/LGBTQ Working Group Update

Save the date! We have confirmation that the District’s Anti-Discrimination Policy and its Safe and Caring Schools Policy & Regulation will be brought forward for approval at the June 20th Board meeting.  The meeting will begin at 7pm. Please stay tuned to future Monday Memos and June’s edition of The Advocate for how the STA can show our support!


STA Scholarships and Bursaries

Each year, the Surrey Teachers’ Association awards scholarships and bursaries to the children of STA members. This year, the STA will be awarding six $2,000 scholarships and six $2,000 bursaries. In order to be eligible for a scholarship or bursary, applicants must be the graduating children of STA members active during the applicants’ graduating school year. Applicants will only be considered if they have graduated from a public high school in any district. We encourage applicants to apply for both awards if they feel that they meet the criteria for both to increase their chances. This year’s deadline for applications is 4pm. Friday August 30th. Application forms can be downloaded here:


Social Media Sharing: Speaking up about Public Education

Use the following  link to listen to and or share quick soundbites from Susan Lambert’s interview on Voice of BC.

Stephen Petrina, UBC Professor of Media & Technology Studies, celebrates BCTFs landmark victory in academic freedom and freedom of expression! Check out and share his recent blog on this important milestone for BC teachers. /   


Did you know? Union Fact # 23: Collective Agreement Duration and the Possible 10-year contract

The average duration of the 238 agreements signed in Canada in 2012 was 36.8 months; almost 40.0% of all agreements had durations falling in the 36 to 47 months range. Since 2004, the average duration of major collective agreements has fluctuated between approximately 35 and 50 months. To read more go to:


June Calendar

June 4 – STA Executive and Committee Chairs Liaison Meeting/ Executive Meeting

June 6 – Mentoring Celebration

June 6 – Wellness at Beecher Street, Crescent Beach

June 6 – EI Meeting for Laid Off Teachers at Eaglequest

June 19 – STARA Meeting and Thank You Dinner at Eaglequest

June 21 – STA Retirement Dinner at Guildford Sheraton

June 29 – Summer Vacation Begins


Joke of the Week

Q: What do you call two dinosaurs that have been in an accident?

A: Tyrannosaurus wrecks!


This week’s joke was submitted by Jennifer Kimbley, Princess Margaret Secondary.  If you have a clean (but not necessarily teacher related) joke, please submit to  If your joke is selected, your name will be entered into a draw for a $25 gift card.  The next draw will take place on June 25th.


Joke of the Week Winner

Congratulations to Juniper Ridington, Ecole Simon Cunningham Elementary, this month’s joke of the week winner!  A $25 gift card will be sent in the courier. 

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