Monday Memo – June 23, 2015

Happy Summer Vacation!
We at the STA want to wish all of you a happy, restful and rejuvenating summer break. You’ve earned it!

Ratification Vote Results
The locally bargained items have been ratified. The results were 100% yes. Thank you to the volunteers who helped with the polling and count.

Chevron Fuel Your School
Both the STA and the BCTF have motions opposing corporate involvement in public education and an STA general meeting passed a motion that we not participate in Chevron Fuel Your School. In the United States, the program includes teaching materials which must be used and which promote and advertise Chevron. We don’t have that here, yet, but it’s a very slippery slope. Members are encouraged think about taking money from a company that makes its money on fossil fuels, given that we are teaching our students about climate change and sustainability. The reality is that Chevron is giving teachers a tiny bit of money in order to sell their brand as a socially conscious company that cares about public education.

Curriculum update
The second drafts of the K–9 curriculum will be posted on the Transforming Curriculum & Assessmentwebsite in mid-August. Additionally, the first draft of Core French 5–12, career education, applied skills, and the first drafts of 10?12 curriculum will also be posted in mid-August for public feedback. This will include both the first draft revisions to the broader subject areas (math, social studies, language arts, etc.) as well as the revisions to stand-alone provincial courses (Social Justice 12, Law 12, etc.).

The latest information from the Ministry of Education around curriculum implementation timelines is that, under the direction of Deputy Minister Dave Byng, the 2015–16 school year will be used for “experimentation” in the K?9 curriculum by those interested. However, no ministerial orders have been written to this effect as yet. These ministerial orders are anticipated shortly and will reflect teachers’ abilities to explore the draft curriculum as well as work within the existing curriculum.

Ministry staff stated that there would be no expectation for all teachers or all schools to be “experimenting” in the K?9 curriculum for the 2015?16 school year. During this year teachers will be able to look at the K–9 final drafts and decide whether they want to implement parts of it or not. It would be a time (according to Ministry staff) for teachers to “experiment” with it if, and only if, they chose to.

June Calendar
June 26 – Administrative Day
June 28 – Surrey Pride Festival, Holland Park

See you in September!!

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