Monday Memo – June 20, 2016

MEMO TO: Staff Rep
COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee
FROM: Laura Barker, First Vice President /Acting President
Date: June 20, 2016

Please forward:

We at the STA want to wish all of you a happy, restful and rejuvenating summer break. Take care of yourselves, spend time with your friends and families, take time doing the things you enjoy! You’ve earned it!

We are looking for teachers who are interested in Labour History to be involved in an ad hoc committee for the Remembering Working People: Plaques Around the Province Project.
The main tasks of this committee would be as follows:
· to engage in the necessary steps required to nominate the 1974 Surrey Teachers’ strike for a BC Labour Heritage Centre plaque;
· to work with the BC Labour Heritage Centre on appropriate wording of the plaque;
· to consult with members regarding an appropriate location in Surrey;
· to seek the permission required for installation of the plaque at a relevant location.
Interested teachers should submit their application by September 13th. Application/CV is attached

Transfer Grievances
If you applied for a position in Rounds 1 or 2 and did not get an interview despite being more senior than the person who was awarded the position, please contact Joanna Cerazy, Grievance Officer at 604 5945353 or

Lost Prep Time
Every effort is being made to ensure that teachers are provided their outstanding teacher prep time before the end of the year. However, if this is not possible, arrangements can be made for payment in lieu.

BILL 22: Compensation For Classes over 30
Teachers who had one or more classes with over 30 students, should have received the forms with options for compensation. Remember the BCTF advises teachers not to accept the Ministry “cash for kids” scheme–i.e. additional compensation–for classes over 30, as it is in contravention of Article 3 of the BCTF Code of Ethics.
Instead, teachers are encouraged to choose one of the other options. Additional prep time can be rolled over and taken next year.

National Aboriginal Day celebration–June 21
Are you ready for the redesigned curriculum? Are you interested in Aboriginal ways of being and doing, worldviews, and perspectives? If so, come out and help make our 1st annual Aboriginal Day Celebration a huge success!! Come out for traditional performances, teachings and food.
Start time: 3:45 Location: REC Rm 304. See poster attached and RSVP through eventbrite. See you on June 21!!

Invigilation of Provincial Exams on the June 24 Admin day
The STA and the board have agreed that District administrative principals and staff will handle the invigilation and general administration of Provincial exams scheduled on June 24. Some LST teachers may be required to support some students with test taking as per their IEPs. However, the vast majority of teachers will continue to do the work they normally do on the admin day. Teachers may be asked to volunteer to invigilate, but it is not necessary, and it is completely voluntary. If you are pressured or directed to invigilate Provincial Exams please call the STA.

Translink Fare Review
Translink has an opportunity to take a fresh look at how our transportation system is priced. They will consider possible changes to the transit fare system – including what role distance travelled, the type of transit service, time of travel, fare product, customer group, and journey time should have on the fare that you pay. This survey will take 10 to 15 minutes. Your input is important. Please share this widely. Feedback will be used to develop and evaluate different fare system options. This survey will be open until the end of day June 30th, 2016.

Final Reminder:
2015/16 Scholarship and Bursary Applications are ready! This year’s deadline for applications is 4:00 pm, Friday September 2nd, 2016. Application forms can be downloaded here: Scholarships and Bursaries. Also passed at June STARA: Jennifer Wadge Memorial Social Justice Award!

BCTF Program for Quality Teaching Professional Development Grants
The PQT/Teacher Inquiry grants are now available to locals who are interested in exploring how you may support teacher inquiry as a viable, professional learning model. Teacher inquiry projects can provide deep, relevant, personal learning that is conducted within a community of colleagues and led by a BCTF facilitator. Please go to for more detailed information on project requirements and the application process. Interested groups should submit their application to the STA office by Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Ministry Committee Opportunities–Deadline: June 22, 2016
Provincial Curriculum Development Teams— Second Languages Grades 5–12
The BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) is seeking 16 members willing to participate as BCTF representatives to the Ministry of Education’s provincial curriculum development teams on second languages Grades 5?12. The BCTF will appoint one elementary and one secondary representative (and one alternate) to serve on each of the eight teams. Deadline: June 22, 2016 Learn more and Apply

Social Justice
GSA MasQUEERade 2016
The MasQUEERade has created hashtag for twitter and instagram #surreyprideprom2016 to show the
LGBTQ youth in Surrey that they are supported. Please consider sharing a photo with a message of support and or hope!

Surrey Pride Festival and Parade at Holland Park–Sunday June 26
The Surrey Teachers’ Association has been a proud sponsor of the Surrey Pride Festival for the last few years. We will have some fun swag and great draw prizes for kids or classroom teachers. Please come to our booth and say hello!

The festival will commence with a Pride Parade. Starting at 11:30 a.m. ON JUNE 26TH!
This 1 km route will commence at Surrey City Hall Plaza, and wind its way along University Boulevard to the “Surrey Pride Festival” at Holland Park. Surrey teachers, can congregate around the STA flag starting at 11:15am. Please note that Holland Park has limited parking. What to wear to a Pride event? Colourful is great! But you as you are is fantastic too! Our “lorax” shirts would also be appropriate. Parking on the neighborhood streets is preferable. Parking at the mall is under your own risk.

With recent acts of violence in Orlando and L.A. against LGBTQ+ communities, it is more important than ever to stand together in solidarity! Please submit your name to Carly by Friday if you plan to walk in the parade to give the Surrey Pride Society an idea of how many of us to expect. You are welcome even if you don’t RSVP.

*If there are Surrey Teachers who have an hour or two to staff the STA Pride booth from 11:00-5:00, please contact Gioia

See the following link for more info on the Surrey Pride Festival, Sunday June 26, 2016
11:30am to 5pm.

Speaking out for Public Education: WHAT CAN I DO?
Erica Campbell writes: Any reader who is an educator and a parent knows we are always simultaneously wearing hats representing both camps. Of late, I’ve had the pleasure of advocating with an amazing team of parents, teachers and community members for our Provincial Government to adequately fund public education in Surrey. What started as an exploration of capacity issues for a choice program developed into capacity issues for the District as a whole. Click on the attachment to continue reading.

*Erica Campbell is a Surrey teacher and parent and belongs to the Surrey Students Now Community Group (formerly the South Newton Community Group). Check out the WHAT CAN I DO? And UPCOMING DATES tabs to learn about how you can become part of the advocacy needed for more surrey schools.

To Tackle Inequality, Start with BC’s Two-Tier Education

Joke of the week
A poet walks into a pub.
The landlord sees him and shouts, “Get out, you’re bard.”

This week’s joke was submitted by Mike Jenkins. If you would like to participate in joke of the week, please submit a short, clean, (but non necessarily education-related) joke to Laura Barker at If your joke is drawn for publication, your name will then be entered into a draw for a gift card at the end of the month!
The winner of this month’s gift card is Eric So, from Kennedy Trail Elementary

Calendar of Events
June 21 – Aboriginal Day Celebration
June 24 – Last Day of School!
June 26 – Surrey Pride Festival, Holland Park

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