Monday Memo – January 23, 2012

MEMO TO: Staff Reps

COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee

FROM: Denise Moffatt, President

Date: January 23, 2012


Mark in the Mall – Today

Marks for Grade 12 students
Please be advised that percentage marks are the only thing required to be reported to the office. Comments and work habit marks will not be submitted.

Surrey teachers Harpreet Gill and Elise Rozander will be observing provincial bargaining on Tuesday, January 24th, and will provide a report on their experience.

BCTF Rep Assembly will be held this Thursday and Friday. Lack of progress at the bargaining table will be discussed as well as possible strategies to move progress along. Send your feedback about bargaining strategy to to help inform our LRs.

School Visits/Bargaining Update
The STA is conducting school visits from January 23rd to February 10th to provide an update on bargaining, answer member questions, and gain member feedback regarding future directions.

Please consult your staff and send 2 or 3 preferred dates/times to Momina Rafiq at . It is important that every school schedule a visit.

Volunteers needed to conduct visits
We are once again looking for volunteers (about 25) who would be willing to be released for five (5) or more days to conduct lunch and after school visits. We will have a package prepared with facilitator’s notes, handouts and we will provide training again, if you require it. Given the size of the district and the immediacy of the issues, we really need experienced staff reps, committee members, and experienced school visitors who are willing to take a few days from their classrooms to conduct these visits. Please email Momina Rafiq to let her know when you would be available.

Also, if you have feedback regarding the materials and/or training you received last time, please send it to Lynda Toews as soon as possible!

Regional SJ Conferences – Poverty in BC: Teachers Taking Action and Making a Difference
VESTA and the STA anti-poverty committees are working together to plan two conferences this spring. The first is February 17th, which is a Pro D day in Vancouver. Up to 30 interested Surrey teachers may attend, as we obtained a grant from the BCTF which will help pay for release days. If you are interested in attending, please download the attached poster/registration form and send it to Cindy Tierney via or blue courier bag #000, to the STA office.

BC teachers making a difference globally
A conference about the BCTF International Solidarity Program
Saturday, February 11th, 2012, Prior/Sutherland boardrooms, BCTF building
Learn about the work of the BCTF International Solidarity Program and ways that teachers can engage in solidarity with colleagues in Latin America and Africa. The workshop is free, but please register by sending an e-mail message to or to .

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