Monday Memo – January 10, 2011

MEMO TO: Staff Reps

COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee

FROM: Denise Moffatt, President

Date: January 10, 2011

Staff reps: Please forward to members or discuss at a union meeting or staff meeting.

Human Solutions / EFAP feedback
The Surrey Teachers’ Association will be meeting with representatives from the Human Solutions EFAP plan on January 19th. This is an important opportunity for us to air our concerns and improve services to members. If you have had any accolades, complaints, concerns or improvements needed regarding the counselling services provided by Human Solutions, please forward them to Lori Wilson and she will address them at our meeting.

Teachers can be assured that names will not be disclosed, as the process is confidential.

Please do not complete satisfaction survey
The BCTF Representative Assembly adopted a position that “teachers no longer participate in the government’s satisfaction survey.” (Members’ Guide to the BCTF p.56, 9.A.22)

The Ministry of Education surveys do not give the opportunity to point out many things that concern teachers and affect our workload and well-being. They are designed to get the “right” answer from teachers. No one directly involved in teaching and learning could express “satisfaction” with larger classes, fewer services, and closed neighbourhood schools. The BCTF is continually trying to get the minister to pay attention to teachers’ dissatisfaction with conditions through the Learning Round Table, the Teachers’ Congress, and other meetings.

The government uses the survey results as a public relations exercise to brag about how happy everyone is with their education policies. At the same they pointedly ignore the concerns we raise through our collective voice, the BCTF.

Anti-FSA campaign
Our campaign to oppose the FSAs is underway. Materials were distributed to elementary schools before Christmas. The STA and the BCTF will also be advertising our campaign in print media and radio. Remember that as part of our campaign teachers will not practice for or mark the FSAs.

BCTF New Teachers Conference – STA Special Funding
There is funding available for the BCTF New Teachers Conferences on February 25-26, 2011. Contact Lorna Sheh at the STA office to get your name on the list.

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