Monday Memo – April 26, 2011

MEMO TO: Staff Reps

COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee

FROM: Denise Moffatt, President

Date: April 26, 2011

Federal Election – Monday, May 2nd, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. – All workers are required to have three hours to access polls in their neighbourhood. If your work schedule does not permit you these three hours, please contact the STA office at 604-594-5353.

Local Bargaining – The parties have met three times. The STA and the employer have presented their opening statements and their list of bargaining objectives. Please find attached the list of bargaining objectives that was provided to the employer at our last meeting. The STA will be tabling proposals today on Transit Incentive and on Recognition of Employment Experience.

Provincial Bargaining – The parties have met several times and are continuing to discuss the split of issues, which denotes items that are provincially negotiated and items that are locally negotiated.

College of Teachers – The STA will be engaging in a campaign, over the next few weeks to raise awareness about issues related to the BC College of Teachers. Details to follow.

Also, your college fee will be deducted this month ($120.00). If you are not being payroll deducted this year, the fee is due and payable by June 30th, 2011. After July 1st, 2011, unpaid fees will result in the suspension of your teaching certificate. Please check to make sure your fee has been paid.

Member Opportunity – The Surrey Teachers’ Association is pleased to offer the opportunity for 2 members to attend a public lecture and full-day workshop with George Lakoff.~ A University of California professor of cognitive sciences and author of Don’t think of an Elephant, Lakoff will present an overview of his theory on how progressives can fight back with our own values to communicate our vision of a better British Columbia.

Date: Wednesday May 4th (7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.) and Thursday, May 5th (8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.)
The STA will cover the registration costs, a release day and transportation costs. (Must attend the evening workshop)

Location: Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street

See George Lakoff~at the Alberta Federation of Labour session October 2010.

George Lakoff – Author of Don’t Think of an Elephant’t%20Think%20of%20an%20Elephant!.pdf

International Pro-D Application must be received by May 2, 4:30p.m. at the STA office.

Summer Pro-D – What is clear is that nothing is clear regarding the school calendar. The Bill 27 and 28 decision returns to teachers greater powers with respect to the school calendar and the setting of pro-d dates. But what that is to look like is yet to be determined. The STA and the Board will be discussing contractual issues, calendar and pro-d dates. Schools should wait until school calendars are set before they consider summer pro-d.

In any event pro-d chairs may want to be aware of the rules laid-out for summer pro-d in the links below. There was also a joint clarification of summer pro-d votes sent out by the Board and the STA on April 27th, 2009.

If your staff is willing to consider summer pro-d, below is a summary of the required process:

• the proposal must be put to a secret ballot vote at a staff meeting;
• the vote will be conducted by the staff rep with the Administrative Officer in attendance as scrutineer;
• 75% of the teaching staff must vote in favour of the summer pro-d in order for it to take place;
• attendance at summer pro-d activities is voluntary – those choosing not to attend will engage in their own pro-d activities on the non-instructional days;
• all eligible voters must be notified. When tallied, all abstentions are counted as votes against.

This process is the result of an agreement between Surrey Teachers’ Association and the Board.

The agreement can be found at:

The joint memo to clarify summer pro-d can be found at: pd Joint memo.pdf

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