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The Surrey Teachers’ Association bargained its first collective agreement in 1988.

The Surrey Teachers’ Association has approximately 5,300 members.

The Surrey Teachers’ Association is governed by its Executive Committee — comprised of the President, 2 Vice-Presidents, the Secretary Treasurer, 2 Grievance Officers, the Health and Safety Officer, the Professional Issues Officer, 6 Local Representatives to the BCTF, the Teacher-on-Call Representative, and 3 Members-at-Large

Surrey Teachers’ Association members provide professional educational services to the more than 67,000 students in Surrey.

Surrey Teachers’ Association members work in elementary schools, high schools, learning centres, adult education centres, at the Curriculum and Instructional Services Centre, Student Support Services, at various community and outreach centres, Surrey Connect, and the Welcome Centre.

The Surrey Teachers’ Association represents teachers, speech and language pathologists, school psychologists, teachers-on-call, adult educators, and summer school teachers

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