An LSA is a group of teachers interested in promotion and advocacy of professional development in their specialist area. For more information about a specific LSA please contact our office at 604-594-5353.

Surrey Adult Educators Association

Surrey Art Teachers’ Association – President: Christina Farrant

Surrey Association of Teachers of Modern Languages (SATML)

Surrey Chapter of the B.C. Teachers-Librarians’ Association – Presidents: Emiline Downs, Jan Fairburn

Surrey Computer Using Educations (CUE)

Surrey Culinary Arts Specialist Association – President: Renee Thomsa

Surrey Drama Teachers’ Association – President: Craig Wrotniak

Surrey Home Economics Teacher Association

Surrey Hospital/Homebound Teachers’ Association – President: Robert Okkerse

Surrey Music Educators Association

Surrey Peace and Global Educators (PAGE)

Surrey Primary Teachers’ Association

Surrey Secondary School Dance Association – President: Paula Johnson

Surrey Special Education Teachers Association – President: Melanie Miki

Surrey Speech-Language Pathologist Association

Surrey Intermediate Teachers’ Association

Surrey Technology Educators Association (STEA)

Interested in forming an LSA? Members wishing to further their professional development may form a Local Specialist Association (LSA) subject to authorization from and regulation by STARA. Approved LSAs can receive up to $600.

LSA Grant Application Form

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