Disappointing news from government on Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)
After many, many months of BCTF pushing for change in the FSA, the Minister confirmed last week that the province will not be going with the recommendation from the Advisory Group on Provincial Assessment thatFSA school and student data should be protected from misuse by third parties. The “replacement FSA” has been posted on the Ministry’s website for several days now. Instead of protecting the data from misuse, the Minister has informed the Federation that the data will be released in a way that tells the “holistic whole story.” What that will mean in practice remains to be seen.

Given that this does not satisfy any of the Federation’s concerns about the misuse of school or student data, or about standardized testing, BCTF will not be in a position to be reinstating members on the development teams?and the Federation will continue its opposition to the FSAs. Members are reminded that the BCTF has advised we not participate in or put forward names for the FSA or provincial exam development teams from the Ministry. After many years of work on this it is extremely unfortunate that the Minister has decided to not go with the Advisory Group on Provincial Assessment’s recommendations.

On the FSA page of the BCTF website there are this year’s FSA withdrawal letter and what the Parents Should Know: FSA tests are not useful brochure, both available in languages. More information will be sent to schools in the coming weeks.

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)–Calling all Grades 4 and 7 Teachers/Parents
We’d like to hear from you! Are you are frustrated with the FSA interfering with your students’ valuable learning time? Are you concerned about it upsetting your vulnerable students, and also unfairly ranking Surrey schools? Maybe your own children are in Grades 4 or 7 and you have some concerns or input. If so please contact Laura Barker at 1-vp@surreyteachers.org We want to put the nail in the coffin of this outdated and highly criticized provincial assessment!

What can we do? We want to send a delegation of interested teachers, students, and parents to the upcoming December 8th Board of Education meeting to help trustees appreciate the disruptive and often upsetting experience students have writing the FSA. We want to encourage trustees to respect parents’ choice in whether their child writes the FSA. Please contact the STA for more info and ways to support your students and school community on this issue.

Grades 4 and 7 teachers: Please send us your numbers for Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)!
More information will soon be coming about this year’s STA/ BCTF anti-FSA campaign. In order to best communicate with parents of Grade 4 and 7 students about reasons that teachers oppose the test, please send us the following information as soon as you have it: the dates when the FSA test will be held at your school; the number of Grades 4 and 7 students at your school; a rough estimate of languages spoken at home for the Grades 4 and 7 students (e.g. Punjabi 40%. English 30%, Mandarin 30%). Please send this info to Dana at carly@surreyteachers.org

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