Foundation Skills Assessment

Coming Your Way: The Foundational Skills Assessment (FSA)
The previous government made the decision to conduct FSAs this fall. The BCTF has pushed consistently for the government to mask test data to avoid harm to students, teachers, and schools (e.g. through the Fraser Institute rankings). The BCTF repeated these concerns in a meeting this week with the new Deputy Minister of Education. However, although the Deputy Minister expressed interest in working with the BCTF to address privacy concerns, he made no firm commitment, and stated that the FSAs will proceed this fall as planned.
To facilitate our communications with parents of Grade 4 and 7 students about the test, please send the following information to: Esther Young at
  • the dates when the FSA test will be held at your school;
  • the number students at your school in Grades 4 and Grade 7;
  • a rough estimate of languages spoken at home for the Grades 4 and 7 students (e.g. Punjabi 40%. English 30%, Mandarin 30%).

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