Employee Family Assistance Program

All STA members and their immediate family members have access to the Employee Family Assistance program, a confidential and voluntary service that provides practical support. There is no cost to use your EFAP. You can contact your EFAP provider – Homewood Human Solutions 1.800.663.1142

Counselling that’s convenient for you
Counselling is available in person, by telephone, or online. There is no cost to you. Offices are local and appointments are made quickly, with your convenience in mind. Have a preference for location, gender, appointment time? We’ll do our best to accommodate your preferences.

We guarantee your confidentiality
We are Homewood Human Solutions – a trusted Canadian company with more than 30 years experience delivering the best possible support for clients like you. Everyone is guaranteed confidentiality within the limits of the law. You won’t be identified to anybody – including your employer.

For all of life’s challenges
Your EFAP helps you take practical and effective steps to improve well-being and be the best you can be. Within a supportive, confidential and caring environment you can receive counselling for any challenge.

Marital / Family / Relationships / Anxiety / Depressions / Addictions / Stress / Life transitions/change / Other personal issues

Lifestyle and specialty counselling
You can receive counselling and coaching for variety of life balance and health issues, or get expert support to manage your career better.

Life Balance – Childcare and Parenting / Elder and Family Care / Legal / Financial

Health – Smoking Cessation / Weight Management / Nutrition

Career – Career Planning / Workplace Issues / Pre-Retirement / Shift Work

The right information at the right time
Access our Member website anytime for e-Learning, interactive tools, health and wellness assessments, and a library of health, life balance, and workplace articles.

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