Get Involved

Advocacy can take many forms. Surrey teachers have been faced with a growing need to advocate for a strong and
stable public education system.


Concerned teachers have been taking action in diverse ways: lobbying MLAs and school trustees, building coalitions, writing letters to editors, participating in protest demonstrations. Whatever way you choose to put advocacy into action, you will need solid information and sound strategies to assist you.

You can visit the BCTF Action and Advocacy page for more information.

This document provides tips for writing letters to the editor.

Opportunities for Members

The Surrey Teachers Association provides many opportunities for members to get involved. Whether it’s joining a committee, becoming a staff representative, helping with a campaign or lobbying government, your participation is always welcome.

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Recent Activities:

Leading up to the 2010 Provincial Budget, 5 Surrey teachers traveled to Victoria to meet with Surrey MLAs to express our concerns about the inadequate funding for growing school districts. To read about their adventure, click here (page 7)

School teacher librarians, concerned about the cuts to school libraries, jumped at the opportunity to travel to Victoria to lobby MLAs, including Education Critic Robin Austin. The group came home feeling energized and knowing that their message hit home. To read about their trip, click here (page 5)

Surrey counselors got involved in advocating for students. A group of counselors lobbied government and presented their concerns to the Surrey School Board. They wrote a report in response to changes to the counseling model which can be
read here