Article A. 20 – Glossary of Terms

A.20.1 Surrey Teachers’ Association Member

The term “Surrey Teachers’ Association member” as used in this Agreement means all Board employees hired as:

a. Teachers,

b. School psychologists,

c. Speech/Language pathologists,

d. Teachers-on-call,

e. Adult education teachers falling within the certification held by the BCTF,

f. Summer school teachers,

g. District Behaviour Specialists,

h. District Social Workers.

A.20.2 Employee

The term “employee” as used in this Agreement means those persons employed by the

Board for whom the Surrey Teachers’ Association has been recognized as sole bargaining agent in Article A.2, but excludes teachers-on-call and summer school teachers except where a provision of this Agreement has been specifically extended to include teachers-on-call and/or summer school teachers.

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